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Constant interest method
Matching principal and interest method most important of a features is monthly of repayment amount same, from essentially for is principal by accounted for proportion monthly increments, interest by accounted for proportion monthly decline, months repayment number not variable, that in months for "principal and interest" of distribution proportion in the, Qian half paragraph period by also of interest proportion big, and principal proportion small, repayment term half Hou gradually to principal proportion big, and interest proportion small, its calculation formula for:
monthly debt coupon amount =[principal x months interest rate x (1+ months interest rate) loan months number]/[(1 + Months interest rate) repayment months number-1]
monthly interest = remaining principal x loan months interest rate
repayment total interest = loan amount * loan months number * months interest rate * (1+ months interest rate) loan months number/"(1+ months interest rate) repayment months number-1"-loan amount
       repayment total = repayment months number * loan amount * months interest rate * (1+ months interest rate) loan months number/"(1 + Monthly interest rate), repayment months-1 "
Note: matching in the law of principal and interest, banks usually charge the remaining interest on the principal, after the principal, interest on the portion of the monthly payment will be reduced with the principal and reduce, principal in the portion of the monthly payment increases, but total monthly payments stay the same. Equal equal monthly principal and interest payments for principal and interest crowd lines the same, it is more suitable for families with normal spending plan, in particular young people, and with age, or promotion, revenue increased, living standards will rise if such people choose to principal if early the pressure will be very large.

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