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Three SMEs treatment of Bank loan approval antidote

loans "has been reserved for SMEs is Bank pain on TCM therapy called" these principles ", and only through banks and businesses, and achieve win-win benefits, enterprises are looking to eliminate pain and turned back. To this end, after 360 business owners out of the three-dose, and strive to help the healthy development of enterprises.
1. using resource
deposits are businesses and banks to build bridges of friendship, and many enterprises because of the amount of deposit and beautiful, one for VIP customers of a bank. So might as well take this as the starting point, and have closer dealings with the Bank from the start, creating spectacular feast of borrowing.
taking into account the future development for important customers demand for loans, banks can not only be a normally fastidious character, perhaps in the loan rate, on the amount, the interest rate will be given attention. Of course, if you want to stimulate the banks absolutely sincere response, companies need to do some warm my heart move such as deposits extracted funds set aside at the end of the month or quarter, such as sponsoring companies Finding Nemo, full deposit the money into the banks.
2. purchase financial products
so-called "drink do not forget those who dug the well", the enterprise successful loan is the Bank's help, thanks to, may wish to buy financial products in return, help banks share the financial pressure. Under this understanding, through loan channel is not only easy to some, and will also receive additional benefits that much not serve two purposes.
3. receive floating interest rates
Yang Mama "a bowl of water inequality" rate, bank deposit and lending interest income asymmetry phenomena emerging, a reflection on the loan approval system is not without possibilities of more prudent. Under this trend, loans for SMEs will be intensified, if companies don't keep stereotypes rather than excessive exposure to financial products, to a large extent, will be floating interest rates by banks.
an example of a State-owned bank, the current interest rates for benchmark interest rates float 10%-20%, in the case of customers refuse to match financial products, rates will rise to 20%-30%. Enterprises have to pay the cost of capital, but is likely to return is to disperse the fog, the loans the world sky happy ending.



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