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Fast loan of college students three tricks

In today's era of consumption, many working people are flattered to lead a "first payment after enjoying" truly, envy among college students. In fact, it seems we could have had a happy life, is not so far away as imagined, as long as the following three approaches, students living in close proximity can also be let.
1. apply for a campus white-
on March 10, white turned the campus, opens the door to consumption for college students. With the opening of doors, Pocket shy student finally had a chance to breathe, surface, open "open account" consumption patterns in favorite objects in the bag.
it is understood that the campus IOU credit line of up to 8000 Yuan, however, the starting amount only 1000 Yuan, contains a 30-day grace period, and a maximum of 24 periods by instalments. Members only online application, lines checked below will be able to get "white on campus" access.
full of convenient, however, fly in the ointment is a consumption scenario has certain limitations, restricting to a store to buy goods.
2. credit card instalments or withdrawal
    If you compared white college students on campus is a virtual credit card, seems far-fetched, it relies on Jingdong Mall, cannot be applied to other consumer sites, and it does not have the unique skills of credit card cash, even if it is Duang~ and special effects, still to no avail.
in contrast, the real credit card close to the diversified financial needs of students, and some of the longest interest-free period to 56 days. At present, many banks into market, tailored to the exclusive credit card for college students. For example, agricultural Bank "card", ICBC Peony "student card", China Merchants Bank, "YOUNG", Bank "Dragon card student cards" CITIC Bank "students I" and so on.
3. vehicle mortgage
If the credit card cash in microfinance, such a car mortgage depends on large loans, lines up to vehicle valuation of 90%. Not only that, but in this world of the leading non-bank financial institutions, is known for its efficient, usually mortgage formalities this morning, money can be put in place in the afternoon.

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