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Loan fraud in contracts or thumbprint threatened

Often has friends in thawing the 360 platform to ask questions, said the liar to sign the loan contract, or by the hand the threat, if you do not pay a fee in advance according to their requirements, to court to the lender, the coerced travel scams are common. If you encounter such a situation, what should you do? First, don't panic! Make you thin.
loan cheats means pattern full, first cheat you signed fax contract, and resisted fingerprints, then will a step step cheat you first paid first months interest, and performance fee, and margin, and premium, and guarantees fee, and lending fee, and notary fee, and levy letter fee, and deposit, and open card fee and so on, also will to you bank water insufficient, and identification you of repayment capacity or is inspection funding for name, requirements you will himself account Shang all of funds playing to cheats of account, if you not by cheats of requirements pay costs, Cheats in the name of you have signed a contract with them, threatening to sue you for breach and threatens you pay a huge penalty, these are all examples of fraud.
first of all we look at contract, means the other party in order to obtain illegal benefits, deliberately fabricated false information, or distort or conceal the truth, made into mistakes and make meaning out of intention, the conclusion and performance of contracts. Swindler's contract is fraudulent contracts, so, and crook signed contracts have no legal effect, do not breach said. 10,000 steps back about cheat, lie was illegal, not to drag things to the Court.
in addition, we must remember that all loans before you actually get their hands on, they require you to pay any fees for any reason, is an absolute fraud, in any case, the transfer of remittances, don't give other people to avoid being cheated! Any threats not to believe a liar, because someone suspected of fraud. If he had been deceived, regardless of size, select the alarm! Do not let cheat with impunity.

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