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Xu jiayin road to financial growth

Xu jiayin was technical background, but it was real estate, and practical learning, courage to blaze new trails, but received no response, 34 years old, he suddenly realized that difficult to make wage-earning wealth, investment, wealth accumulation, faster accumulation of wealth. Same year, 1992, no one is willing to the pesticide plant block today, Xu jiayin, by virtue of his good eye and 20 million bank loan, opened the path of entrepreneurship, and we are seeing today worth tens of billions of glory. Third in the
will introduce the Regal name Wang Wei, you probably never heard about him, but Shun Feng express believes we are heard. Yes, Shun Fung, President of Express was his. Shun Feng Express as the name of the Division, at a faster card as audience-oriented, efficiency is quite popular.
22 years ago, in 1993, at age 22, Wang Wei, with 100,000 yuan as initial funds, the company is now an annual turnover of tens of billions of Yuan, its own cargo plane with 11.
everyone is envious of Wang Wei's achievements, but no one is willing to bear his suffering. In 2004, Wang Wei has 9 times the property mortgaged to the Bank, to gain additional outlets for cash. In 2005, he is the entire company mortgaged to the Bank only for 4.2 million yuan of funding support, then made a profit after the company redeemed.
back these Regal are of nuggets history, we deep feel to they of wealth of road are is brand through to of, support they go, and defying hard, eventually to success of source, except alone road of vision, keen of commercial smell, is brave of adventure spirit has, so-called rich insurance in the seeking, believes this sentence wisdom is for they of exists only came into being of.

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